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Interior design for your bay window: curtain rods, custom furnit

Bay windows can be used to create a great focal feature, but for many people, it’s hard to know where to start. Here are some simple tips for getting the most from your bay, from window seats and Bay curtain rods to using the space effectively.

Bay windows can create a beautiful focal point for a room, flooding it with light and making the most of the view. They cry out for elegant curtains, custom curtain rods and window seats, but some people are unsure where to start. Bay windows can be awkward at times, but with a little effort are wonderful additions to any design scheme.

Window seats
Adding some seating is a great way to use the space created by a bay. A window seat fitted exactly into the space creates a romantic area which is somewhat secluded but gives great views and warmth from the sun. The seat can be dressed with some sumptuous cushions and a throw, creating the perfect space to read or sit with someone special.

Bay window curtain rods
You might think curtain tracks are the only option for bay windows, as these can be bent to the exact dimensions of the space, but there are now curtain rods and poles which do the same thing. Curtain rods create a more opulent, bold effect than tracks. Imagine having your dining table in the bay with a chandelier further into the room and luxurious curtains draped from antiqued metal or stainless steel poles. Rods can be bent to any shape, whether you have a square or round bay, and are suitable for eyelet curtains or more traditional rings. Curtain poles need supporting regularly along their length when they are used in bay windows, but clever design means the rings can move past the brackets with ease.

Use the space
As bay windows have openings on all sides, they create pleasant nooks filled with light. They are great locations for activities which either need illumination or benefit from the ability to see out, so they’re perfect for desks and dressing tables. Being able to look up from your computer screen is good for your eyes and applying make-up in natural light allows you to see the colours more clearly.

With square bay windows you may find a piece of furniture that will fit, but for semi-circular or angled designs you might need a custom piece created. If the table or desk fits perfectly in the space the effect will be more harmonious and, as with custom curtain rods, bespoke designs can be a definite plus.

Bay windows cry out for curtains that make some kind of statement. Floaty, light fabrics that pool on the floor can create an elegant, romantic atmosphere, while having a separate curtain for each window frames the space with a beautiful symmetry. Delicate curtains are better supported by corded curtain tracks, as they can then be opened and closed without touching them, but more drama can be created using bay curtain rods and poles.

It is important to choose a curtain design that suits the shape of the space and the feel of the rest of the room. In general, square bays give a strong, defined and masculine feel, while round bays suit softer, more feminine designs. Eyelet curtains can be good for a more modern feel, while tab tops allow the fabric to speak for itself.

Whatever you choose to do with your bay window, make sure you make the most of the light and space to create something stunning.

Tracks-Direct supply curtain rods, tracks and poles to suit a range of windows, and their bay window designs are particularly attractive. All their products can be customised to fit the space exactly, so you can create your perfect design. Make the most of your bay with Tracks-Direct.

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Celebrate the best of British with a Harlequin bedding makeover

New interior design looks encapsulate British life. Find out what they are and how to incorporate them into your own home.

After the recession woes of 2011, 2012 has reminded us all how great it is to be British. Despite the typically drizzly summer, we have celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and hosted of the London Olympics, proudly showing why the UK is great on a global platform.

If the thought of being British is making you feel fuzzy inside, you’ll want to continue the patriotic theme inside your home. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean Union Jack emblazoned soft furnishings and athletics-inspired art. Such pieces have flooded our shop windows for months, but are clichéd, unimaginative and won’t make sensible purchases in the long term.

It is possible to continue the British theme in your home without resorting to red, white and blue walls and commemorative royal plate displays. The easiest and most affordable room to give a ‘best of British’ update to is the bedroom. Here is our guide to modern British bedroom design:

New English Country Garden

The new English garden look is impressive yet simple to achieve. Bring the outdoors indoors with light neutral walls, a floral duvet cover and a potted plant. While floral bedding might have once conjured up images of dated grandparents’ houses, designers are working hard to remove this image and replace it with a fresh, modern take.

Keep an eye out for oversized floral graphic designs and zesty colours like lime greens and fuchsias. Soft furnishings with bold prints can make an impact without any need to decorate the rest of the room.

The luxurious Harlequin bedding range includes such modern prints. The Delphinia Harlequin duvet cover features large lime and fuchsia flowers to encapsulate the look perfectly, and has a wide stripe reverse as an alternative. The Harlequin bedding range also includes the aqua Kerria duvet cover, which makes a more muted alternative. Accessorise with a vase of flowers and stone coloured rug for a complete look in seconds.


Poppies are an old favourite in interior design, enjoyed by those who want a sumptuous, bold look. Rich reds are prominent in a poppy-themed bedroom, and the theme can be communicated through red walls and a poppy art print, or red soft furnishings with poppy designs.

Gone are the prints of poppies on stems; they have been replaced with huge, bold poppy heads. Greens can be used to prevent red-overload, but nevertheless this is a look for the brave!

If your bedroom could benefit from a luxurious red poppy overhaul, again Harlequin is your go-to bedding brand. Their Poppy duvet cover encapsulates modern graphic design, and can transform even the dullest bedroom into a style statement. Mushroom coloured Harlequin bedding sheets and a lime throw can tie the look together.

Contemporary City Cool

If English garden flowers aren’t your thing perhaps a simple, contemporary decor is more to your liking. Imagine a London penthouse; a bachelor’s pad with clean lines and cool colours. Again, this look can be easily achieved through Harlequin bedding. The Prato design features varying stripes in aqua and grey, on a luxury 200 thread count cotton sateen.

Why not celebrate your home country with a stunning bedroom makeover? One of the best things about Britain is its diversity, so you’re sure to find a stp://www.brownsofweston.com/ ]Brown’s of Weston[/url] are specialist providers of luxury bedding. Tick off the latest trends in your home in their online bedding store, which stocks leading brands like Harlequin, Sanderson, Fogarty and V&A.

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Clothes moths at the Olympics: pest control for moth infestation

It seems the wet, cold weather has caused an epidemic of moths in the area of London hosting the Olympics. If you find these pests munching through your wardrobe, call a firm of pest controllers immediately. Getting rid of moths needn’t be a nightmare.

Preparations for London 2012 have been fraught with, shall we say, occasional hiccups. Controversy over ground-to-air missiles on the rooftops; traffic brought to a halt by Olympic lanes; Mitt Romney saying he’s not sure how it’ll turn out. And now, there are moths.

The pests in question are Tineola bisselliella, or the common clothes moth. The moths themselves aren’t a particular problem, but their larvae eat natural fibres like cotton and wool, chewing their way through clothes and carpets with ease.

Actually, it’s not just the Olympic village that’s affected, but a large area of London, including Stratford. Clothes moth infestations usually occur in the Spring, but it’s possible that the cold weather from April to June delayed their appearance. Of course, they also like moisture, so the sweaty clothing of athletes is probably an attraction for them.

Another problem is people have had windows closed and central heating on more this year than usual. Clothes moths like warm, dark corners, and heated houses allow them to breed all year round. They also tend to occupy undisturbed areas under furniture and at the back of cupboards, so the infestation might not be found immediately. Even worse, they prefer natural fibres and therefore more expensive garments made from cashmere and silk.

The numbers of moths in the Stratford area are worrying at best. Clothes moths here are 40 times more prevalent than in Newcastle upon Tyne, and nearly 400 times more than in Belfast. It’s being described as an ‘epidemic’.

Getting rid of moths can be tricky. Your best bet is to contact a pest control company immediately. Their expert pest controllers will analyse the situation and suggest the best cause of action. Some clothes and fabrics can be removed and cleaned, but sprays must be used on the moths themselves. It may take a few treatments to get rid of them, but compared to the amount of damage they can do, this can save you a lot of money and heartache. Pest controllers will also put pheromone traps down, not to kill the moths, but to monitor how many of them there are.

As getting rid of moths is so hard, stopping an infestation before it starts is the best strategy. If you live in London, Herts or the South East, you may want to bag up clothes that aren’t worn often, and make sure others are kept clean and refolded regularly. You can also get cedar mothballs which can deter them from laying their eggs. However, even this may not be enough.

Fortunately, the London and Herts area has some of the best pest control companies in the country. Some even employ their own bug specialists to deal with problems just like this. If you do discover moths eating your clothes, contact the pest controllers immediately. Any delay can make the problem worse.

Terminex are a professional, reliable pest control company working in London, Herts and the South East. They have a professional etymologist on hand to help with clothes moth infestations, and will make sure the infestation is gone for good. Click the link for more information.

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Add a creative twist to your kitchen with kitchen wall stickers

Are you tired of cooking in a dull environment? Want to brighten up your kitchen and add a touch of personality, but don’t know how? Kitchen wall stickers are perfect for adding a quirky, creative twist to any modern or traditional kitchen.

Wall Transfers

Never forget the ingredients to your favourite dish again with handy kitchen wall transfers. Many specialist wall sticker websites supply a wide range of quirky, stylish wall transfers that are ideal for the kitchen. Add a touch of personality and create your very own transfer. If you move house or want to change your design, top quality stickers peel neatly off the wall without leaving any marks.

Want to make your kitchen the place to be during all house parties? Create a fun and exciting design that features the ingredients to your favourite cocktail or dish. Funny quotes such as ‘save water, drink beer’, ‘wine a bit, you’ll feel better’and ‘wake up and smell the coffee’, will create a talking piece and brighten up your day whenever you enter the kitchen.

Kitchen wall transfers can also be placed on island units, breakfast bars and mirrors with ease. Set the mood with black and white coffee cup and wine glass images, or brighten up your kitchen with colourful cocktail prints.

Kitchen wall stickers also make great gifts. Treat your mum and let her know that her fine cooking is really appreciated with a ‘Mum’s bistro’ or ‘queen of the kitchen’ sticker. Quote stickers are available in a wide range of different fonts and text sizes to suit the style and size of your kitchen.

Grandmas will love the ‘time for tea’ quote and image wall stickers, which feature cute pictures of colourful teapots. Aspiring chefs or fans of Gordon Ramsey will find the ‘if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’ quote and chef’s hat image very apt.

Fitting Your Kitchen Wall Sticker

Fitting your kitchen wall sticker is a simple and quick process, whatever the size of your transfer. Included in all orders is a handy set of instructions to guide you through the exciting experience. Fit your wall sticker with ease in just five steps:

1. Place your sticker in the desired area and hold it in place with some masking tape.
2. Slightly raise the sticker and remove half the backing paper, so the tape acts like a hinge.
3. This is when the fun begins! – Apply the supplied squeegee to the image at a 45 degree angle, whilst slowly removing the backing paper.
4. Once the transfer is stuck to the wall, apply the squeegee again for extra adhesion.
5. Slowly peel the top layer away and begin enjoying your new sticker.

Other Wall Stickers

Of course, wall stickers aren’t just limited to quotes. Add excitement, colour and creativity to any room with an exciting animal wall sticker. Dog lovers will adore the giant paws wall transfer which is available in a wide range of colours to suit the style of your room. Alternatively, why not add a touch of Africa to your office or living space with a large elephant, lion, tiger or giraffe image?

My Wall Stickers are the UK’s number one supplier of beautiful wall stickers. Find a quote or image to brighten up your home in just a few clicks.


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